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Welcome to the Best Dill in Point of Sale



No Fluff. No Fanciness. Just Rock-Solid Workhorse Software on Reliable Hardware.

Best of the Cloud

Cloud Sync and Cloud Access but you’re not relying on the cloud to work tickets.

Conversational Orders

Adjust size and modifiers without having to exit the item.

Inventory Management

Track menu items, modifiers, adjust multiple modifier pricing tiers, templates, and groups.

Online Ordering

Integrated online ordering – push your menu online any time from any where and pay zero extra commissions or transaction fees

Built-In Gift

Drive revenue and increase ticket size through an on-board zero-fee gift program.

Table Side Order & Pay

Increase order accuracy and speed while improving tips with table side pay and order.

Powerful Marketing

Free email marketing software and optional texting platform create massive engagement with your base.

Robust Delivery

Offer in-house delivery with an optional DoorDash driver as a backstop for busy days.

Digital Gift Cards

Skip the plastic and even run your own Groupon-style program – all inside the POS.

Internal Loyalty

Reward more frequent visits to drive revenue and gain new customers through loyalty-gift conversion.

Employee Management

Track hours, job codes, and tips inside the POS with employee management and payroll exports.

Cash Discount

Fully compliant cash discount program helps offset up to 100% of processor fees.


Pay and Order at the Table


Hardware Options

Any internet enabled device can become an order at the table device. Add payment capability through a full line of reliable PAX hardware.

Increase Tips

Pay at the table capabilities increase tips to help keep current waitstaff.

"We used Aloha since we opened but switched after being given an ultimatum to spend $10,000 on upgrades we didn't want. Larry and the team made the transition super easy and staff learned the system in a matter of one shift."

Paul – Calobrisi Restaurant Group

Powerhouse. Lightning Fast. Reliable.

24/7 Award Winning Support

Our system is so reliable you probably won’t need our legendary support, but it’s there for you when YOU need it.

Free Placement Program

Select, qualified businesses can be eligible for a free POS placement. What would free do for you? Find out if you qualify and get Pickled!

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Jump on a demo with one of our Pickle Experts to see how Pickle POS can help your business increase speed, efficiency, and revenue while decreasing labor hours.