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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set my own delivery fees?

100% yes. You can add a delivery fee onto customer orders to make using our available InHouseDelivery integration free for you to use. 

Does PicklePOS work with caller ID?
Absolutely. You’ll need caller ID hardware from Whozz Calling. Once you have your hardware connected to your phone line, enter the port number into the POS and set Enable Caller ID to yes.
Does PicklePOS integrate to DoorDash or GrubHub?

Yes! PicklePOS integrates to DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, ChowNow, ezCater, Waitr and dozens of other ordering platforms.

Can employees have different roles and access?

Yes. When you create a new employee in the system, you have a ton of options available. You can control access and settings from overtime eligibility to management permissions and even enter multiple pay rates based on which code they clock into.

Can I have multiple floor plans for table service?

Yes. You can set up multiple floor plans (patio, bar, dining room, private party room, etc) and build your floor plan using table shapes with customizable number of seats, name, and color of the table.

Can I create bar tabs with PicklePOS?

Yes, you can create unlimited numbers of bar tabs for customers with credit card pre-authorizations. 

Can I track ingredient level inventory with PicklePOS?

Yes. PicklePOS offers three levels of inventory functionality – simple, detailed, and very advanced via a MarginEdge integration. Simple keeps track of units sold by meny item. Detailed allows you to break down the components of each menu item. Pro tip – start with your proteins and your premade items and alcohol if you offer it. Those are your big cost items and it’s less overwhelming.

Can PicklePOS add barcodes to receipts?

Sure can! PicklePOS can add a barcode to the bottom of your receipt so you can bring up the order by scanning a barcode. This is great for large venues or for a cashier setup where waitstaff is not managing checkout.

Can I send out text promotions to my customers?

Yes you can. As long as the customer has opted in, you can send text messaging to your customers on the list. The character limit is 140 so you may want to use a link shortener if you have a call to action link.

Can I put limits on coupons?

Yes. Coupons, even in a post-pandemic technologically advanced world, still work – really well. You can control several limiting variables on coupons such as:

  • Minimum order amount to qualify
  • Expiration dates
  • Valid days (good only on Monday, etc.)
  • Max discount amount
Does PicklePOS help me manage my delivery drivers?

Yes, we have an included Driver Dispatch screen where you can see where your drivers are and keep track of their money drops as needed. Our Deliverect integration gives you DoorDash drivers as a backup for busy times and our InHouseDelivery integration gives you full mobile trackig of your drivers while they are in the field.

Does PicklePOS offer a gift card program?

PicklePOS offers features for managing gift cards and gift certificates (don’t forget paper falls apart in the wash and plastic doesn’t). All you need to do is set up a menu category to sell your cards and you’re off to the races.

Can PicklePOS split checks?

PicklePOS can split checks a few different ways – you can go by item, by seat, custom amounts, or split equally.

Can I do timed discounts like Happy Hour in PicklePOS?

You sure can. You can do three special hour feature discounts. This way, you can have an early-bird special, a happy hour, and a late night special. 

Can PicklePOS be set up for Mandarin?

Yes. We can set your POS up for Mandarin buttons as well as mandarin / English hybrid menu descriptors on the guest check. 

Does PicklePOS offer default modifiers?

Yes. Many restaurants love this feature. Default modifiers is where a certain menu item automatically has its modifiers preselected – example a House Special pizza when going to the modifiers screen will automatically have selected onions, peppers, pepperoni, olives, and mushrooms. Tapping one of these items will HOLD/NO for the kitchen. It’s a great training resource especially if you have high staff turnover.

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